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ButtMan – Queen Of Gapes

Well today’s update features another buttman video for you. As you know we promised you the sexiest babes taking it hard in the ass in every update, and we say that we pretty much delivered on that promise with ease. For this celebratory update we have another group of women that will be putting their bodes on display and asses up for a good and thorough fucking. They have just a guy ready for them to please, but they’ll have to make due. Suffice to day the guy will have quite some work ahead of him this time.

Watch as all the women make one giant cock sucking party and just pounce on the dude today. They know their job well and once the guy is nice and hard it’s time for them to take their spots with their butt holes prepared to get fucked. So watch the guy as he has to take turns servicing all of the horny women’s asses today for your entertainment. Like always we hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates too guys. See you next week like usual. And check out the past updates too everyone, and if you can’t wait until the next video update, you can find similar videos inside www.analpetite.org website.

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Stretch Class Detention

Another fresh week and time for yet another update with your favorite buttman videos guys. Today we have Ashley Fires here again, one of the best slutty pornstars we have ever seen and ever since we started doing videos she begged to come back for an encore. Well we finally managed to get her back in the studio and she seemed extremely happy to star in the video. She says that she always feels very at home when she’s shooting a video, also stating that in videos she always does her best performances. She also believes that that’s what her fans want to see, not just pictures of her.

So in this butt man video you get to see the ultra horny Ashley Fires as she comes back for more more had anal fucking in this amazing video. She knows the drill from last time so she didn’t really need any more pointers on what to do today. Well as a matter of fact, this time for this video Ashley gets to stretch her ass nicely with one big and black dildo for your enjoyment. So without further due, sit back and watch her do her thing. She seemed to really be enjoying herself wit the toy so we just left her to have her fun for today.

ButtMan Video – Slippery Anal Poundings

For this update we have a special treat guys. You asked for videos and we have a buttman video all ready for you to see. We have some perverted vixens that intend to have their asses stuffed with some cock and they are not taking no for an answer. You could say taht our guy did have his work cut out for him this time as they both seem to be really into the whole thing, and both seem to also want a nice and warm anal cream pie at the end. The guy has no choice but to comply to their requests so let’s see him do his job.

You know that every successful scene has to start with a nice and deep blowjob, so the ladies offered their juicy lips for one amazing double blowjob for the guy today. After they got bored of sucking the dude off, they both present their asses for the thorough dicking and just wait patiently to be fucked. You just have to see the dude doing overtime penetrating them anally right now. You won’t regret it trust us. Well that’s about it for this once again guys, See you next time and enjoy the scene as always everyone. Come inside the Creampie Thais blog blog and find similar videos!

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Born To Be Sluts

Just as the buttman xxx title suggests for today, we have women that you could say were just born to fuck hard style every day. This time we have a short haired brunette taking the role of a sexy stewardess that’s just crazy about fucking every time and anywhere she gets the chance to. This time seems to be an airport, and her sexy revealing pink outfit seems to have turned on the guy quite allot making him hit on her for this afternoon. You know how cock hungry she is so she had nu trouble in responding to the guy’s advances.

In this butt man scene the two have no trouble finding a secluded spot where they could fuck in peace and away from prying eyes. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the busty short haired brunette as she gets her fucking on this afternoon. She spreads open her legs to let the guy choose what he wants to fuck today, he chooses her ass and she seems to be happy too since she just loves anal. Watch as the cock fucks her ass thoroughly today and then see her moan in pleasure. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again next week guys! If you wanna see other sluts having their assholes stretched to the limits, check out bigwetasses.us videos! Until next time, bye!

buttman slutty stewardess loves a rough anal hammering

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Black Anal Beauty Jade Nacole

Hello there again guys, buttman xxx returns again with another beauty getting some serious anal sex. Her name is Jade Nacole and before the whole thing started we had a little interview with her. Seems that Jade here is one cock hungry woman and she never hesitates to take a big and hard cock up her ass and pussy when there’s a chance to. So let’s watch her performance everyone.

As all great porn scenes begin she does one amazing and professional blowjob to get the guy all nice and hard for her pussy, after which she presents her pussy to be taken care of next. The guy complies and fucked her cunt too, but you know what he’s after too. And so does she, in the end presenting him with her tight ass, that he was waiting for. So watch as the guy fucks her balls deep in the ass. Enjoy watching this beauty having her first sex video! See you next time! Until then, enter the http://amourangels.net/ site and see other beauties getting their tight asses stretched by big cocks!

Jade Nacole gets analyzed on buttman

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ButtMan – Deep anal

Another fresh week, and time for another superb and hot buttman update. Today we have one chocolate beauty taking her candy hard and deep. This busty ebony woman has one insatiable love for cocks and she’s always down to be penetrated as deep as the cock can go. You just have to see her performance today in this gallery. She just lays on the floor with the legs spread open for the guy to start doing his thing. Oh and you bet he’s going to do a good job. He’s the freaking producer of these fuck fests.

The guy that was delivering the fucking was John Stagliano and he knows how to treat a lady. For a nice start he licks her pussy and ass nicely to get her all nice and lubed for the fucking. Once he was done with the licking it was time for him to plant that big cock of his in eh tight and black ass for some hard style dicking. So watch as the ebony woman as she gets thoroughly and balls deep anally fucked for your entertainment today. We hope you enjoyed it like always and we’ll be back next time with more hotties. Until next time you can check out the old and young gangbang site and find similar hardcore sex videos!

ebony ho gets analyzed at buttman

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Butt Man – Lea Lexis and Brooklyn Lee

For this butt man update we have a killer duo of sexy vixens that intend to ride a cock until exhaustion. The two sexy women are none other than the well known porn stars Lea Lexis and Brooklyn Lee. You know we always have the best and hottest women with sexy asses performing and today was no exception. The two women seem to have gotten their slutty little hands on one lucky guy and they don’t intend to let him go away until they’ve had their way with him today. So without further due, see these two super sexy women overpowering the dude and throwing him on the floor to start doing their thing to him.

You know that both of these sizzling hot goddesses have no problems fucking a guy until he can’t walk straight the second day, and just imagine the poor guy with the double combo on him. Not that he didn’t like this though. If you want to see just how hard the women fucked him go to buttman.com and see the whole scene right now. They start off with one of them sucking him off while the other one plants her pussy on his face to receive some nice oral, afterwards they take turns riding him hard style, but the two weren’t done yet. Then they put themselves top down and bottoms up to present their asses for some nice anal fucking too. Enjoy guys and don’t forget about the past updates too. Bye!


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Stretch Class with ButtMan and Ashley Fires

Hello again everyone. One fresh and awesome day and time for one more buttman update. In this one we have a special guest, namely none other that Ashley Fires, the hot and sexy blonde that’s been causing a ruckus lately in the porn industry with her sex skills. And she’s just what we were looking for since miss Ashley just adores anal sex, just like the sluts from firstanalquest videos. She’s agreed to shoot a scene with us, and we’re really happy and honored to have her. Let’s not wait any longer and see what this fiery blonde is all about. And she starts off strong all dressed up in a sexy outfit.

But you know that here at the butt man studio ladies don’t tend to keep on their clothes for very long. And Ashley also loses all of her clothes to show off that amazing and round ass that’s the cause for all that envy in the industry. And you guessed it it was also about to be fucked by one big and rock hard cock today. Sit back and watch her spread her ass in anticipation for the fucking from the meat pole today. See her enjoy being fucked from behind and enjoy guys, We’ll be back next week with more like usual. Until then everyone. Bye bye!

Buttman Ashley Fires offering some ass stretching lessons

Watch gorgeous Ashley Fires spreading her butt cheeks!

Gape in Italy

For this buttman update, our crew was in a vacation in Italy. But you know that we can’t just sit still so we still had the pleasure of working with one amazing lady to bring you a extra special gallery. We met this lovely Italian resident at a bar and she expressed her interest in starring in her own scene for a porn site so we wanted to give her a chance.

We told her what we are dealing in and she whole heartedly agreed, since she admitted that she just loves anal, and the feeling of a big dick probing her ass. And with that we were ready to shoot. And what a gallery we have for you guys, you just have to see this hottie as she gets anally fucked hard style by one big dick. Enjoy and see you next week once again and until the next week’s update you can find similar content inside analangels.net blog. See you soon, friends!

Buttman Silvia Bianco

See this italian vixen bagging for a cock to drill her butt!

ButtMan – Gaping Kendra’s tight ass

Hello there again everyone, buttman returns again this week with more hotties getting anally pounded by big cocks for your viewing pleasure. Today we have for you a sexy brown headed woman that took a walk on the wrong side of town and she seems to have gotten herself into a hard fucking provided by two big cocks. Her name is Kendra and don’t let the innocent look fool you, this little slut just adores having her ass probed by big cocks any time and why do you think she took that walk in the first place. Suffice to say that everyone left happy afterwards.

In this pics gallery the guys make short work of restraining the naughty woman and making her suck their big cocks for a nice start in the beginning. Afterwards they start taking turns penetrating her tight ass and they intend to not let her go until she’s had her fill. So watch the guys take turns as they fuck her nice and hard, and after a while one dude switches to fucking her mouth with the other continuing to alternate between her pussy and ass. Suffice to say they fucked her until she had a very wet orgasm and you can bet she loved it. See you next time guys, until then cum inside bigwetasses if you are looking for similar videos. Bye!


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